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Written by: Stefan Thorgeirsson

忍び寄るAI is a theatrical play about the engineer Stefan as he gives a lecture on Artificial Intelligence and warns the audience about its potential dangers. The play will be performed in Sapporo in 2024.


Mr Darcy and Miss Bennet.JPG

Pride and Prejudice

Role: Mr Darcy
Director: Xander Coleman
Company: Tokyo International Players
Venue: The Pocket (Nakano, Tokyo)

Stefan played Mr Darcy in this production of Pride and Prejudice by Kate Hamill, adapted from the novel by Jane Austin. Stefan performed a total of 5 shows with Tokyo International Players in May 2023. 



Role: Ikenoue
Director: Peter Goessner
Company: Uzume Theater (うずめ劇場)
Venue: Theatre Fushikaden (Shinjuku, Tokyo)

Stefan took part in the production of Hitori de dekiru mon as a guest performer with Uzume Theater for a total of 9 shows at Theatre Fushikaden in October 2022.


Matsukaze / 松風

Devised piece by Yokohama Theatre Group
Director: Andrew Woolner

Using the Noh play 松風 | Matsukaze as our launchpad, the 2022 ensemble created a brand new play that was presented in August of 2022 as well as broadcast live on the internet. 


Fyrirlestur um Gervigreind / An Introduction to AI

Role: Stefan (The Engineer)
Director: Annalísa Hermannsdóttir
Company: Viðvörun

An Introduction to AI is a play originally written by Stefan Thorgeirsson in 2021. It was reworked in 2022 with theatre company Viðvörun before heading to the Westfjords of Iceland for a total of 5 shows in various venues. From there the play went on to do 8 shows in Reykjavík.


Krufning á Sjálfsmorði / Anatomy of a Suicide

Role: Tim, Felix, Mark, Darryl.
Director: Marta Nordal & Anna María Tómasdóttir.
Company: Iceland University of the Arts, MAK & Þjóðleikhúsið.
Venue: Þjóðleikhúsið, Kassinn.

Final performance of BA Actors graduating from Iceland University of the Arts in 2021. 

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